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Studying Soils

Soil is of interest to a growing number of scientific disciplines, and soil research is contributing to a number of the critical political and societal challenges upon which life on earth depends. These include soil’s role in climate change mitigation, in the supply of nutritious food for future generations, even in uncovering the medicines of the future. Growing awareness of soil’s importance, increased investment and new technologies are unlocking new studying and research opportunities, and putting soil specialists at the cutting edge of environment, health, biodiversity and plant science.

The following are some of the opportunities to study soil through higher education and graduate, Masters and continued professional development. There are also short courses available to everyone just to find out more about soil.

“... I cannot conceive of the time when knowledge of soils will be complete. Our expectation is that our successors will build on what has been done, as we are building on the work of our predecessors.”

R.S. Smith, Director of the Illinois Soil Survey