Soil resources for 16-18 years old

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10 soil facts

Learn the Soil Association's 10 favourite facts about soil and start sharing the reasons why soil is so amazing
Soil on farms disappearing photos
Photographs & Photo journalism

Why soil is disappearing from farms

Soil disappearing from farms.
Soil microscopy microscope
Photographs & Photo journalism

Roving Microscope

Microscope soil exploration.

Soil 4 Teachers

Lessons and activities about soil and soil-related topics for a range of ages.

Soil Testing and Decontamination

Resources to teach students about soil testing and decontamination.
The community hub for all things soil

uksoils is a consortium of scientific, campaigning and awareness raising organisations, all with a specialist knowledge of soil health, founded by UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Sustainable Soils Alliance, Earthwatch and University of Sheffield.