Soil resources for 11-16 years old

Soil carbon soil security foundation.
Film & Video

Soil Security

Why soil carbon is important.
Soil on farms disappearing photos
Photographs & Photo journalism

Why soil is disappearing from farms

Soil disappearing from farms.
Nematodes soil food web claymation.
Film & Video

Soil food web

Soil food web.
Soil microscopy microscope
Photographs & Photo journalism

Roving Microscope

Microscope soil exploration.
Soil animals photography
Photographs & Photo journalism

Soil life is Beautiful

Soil organisms are gorgeous.
Film & Video

A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself

A short video on how healthy soils can mitigate flood risk.
Film & Video

Vermicompost - Life in the compost bin

A video showing two weeks in a typical vermicompost.
Film & Video

Bioturbation - Worms at Work - With and without fauna

A video showing bioturbation and the difference worms make in this process
Film & Video

Changing Attitudes to Soil Health

An animated video on why ensuring our soils are healthy can help mitigate climate change.

Soil 4 Teachers

Lessons and activities about soil and soil-related topics for a range of ages.

Soil Quest

An online quest for students to learn about soil health and how to restore it in a fun and engaging way.

Vidigrow: Gardening videos

A YouTube channel that links gardening activities to the school curriculum.

Farmer Time

Free fortnightly video calls between farmers and classrooms. Bringing the countryside to life.

Soil Testing and Decontamination

Resources to teach students about soil testing and decontamination.
Film & Video

Introduction to Soil: Part 1

What is soil anyway?
Film & Video

Soils host a quarter of our planet’s biodiversity

Invisible soil life
Film & Video

The Living Soil Beneath Our Feet

Invisible soil life.
Film & Video

Soils Are Living

Soil animals big and small!
The community hub for all things soil

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