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Soil and food

95 percent of the food we eat is directly or indirectly produced on our soils and the health of the soils is a critical factor in determining the quality of the food that comes from them - healthy, well-structured soil means strong, nutritious and disease-resistant fruits and vegetables.  Soil types have also influenced the food crops that grow from one part of the country to the next, inspiring regional farming methods, cuisines, and cultures - from the loamy soil needed for the rhubarb triangle to the sandy soils (enhanced with local seaweed) that give Jersey Royals their unique flavour.

To learn more about the link between soil and food, and for recipes inspired by local soil types, click on the links below.

"My papa made me taste soil at the age of seven. That soil was incredible. It was gritty and it sucked the life out of my mouth, but there was acidity, sourness and sweetness."

Raymond Blanc