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Kiss the Ground' netflix documentary on soils
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Kiss the Ground

A documentary on how healthy soils can help mitigate climate change.
The film 'Dirt' on the importance of soil
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A film that brings to life the environmental, economic, social and political impact that the soil has.
A short film 'Field work' commissioned by the Peatland Partnership
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Fieldwork by Hannah Imlach

A short film by Hannah Imlach commissioned by the Peatland Partnership.
Healthy plants and climate - soil is important to all areas of our life.
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How soil offers hope for the climate crisis

Soil is important to all areas of our life.
The wonder stuff beneath our feet. This short animation from The Royal Society and BBC Ideas explores the magical world of soil.
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Soil… the wonder stuff beneath your feet.

Soil - the wonder stuff beneath our feet.
Soil life, soil biodiversity, and human well-being.
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Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity

Soil is alive!
Soil animals photography
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When Soil Biodiversity Meets Art - with Christopher Marley

New ways of looking at the creatures that live in soil.
The community hub for all things soil

uksoils is a consortium of scientific, campaigning and awareness raising organisations, all with a specialist knowledge of soil health, founded by UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Sustainable Soils Alliance, Earthwatch and University of Sheffield.