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Visual arts

Water colours of soil

Engagements with Landscapes by Edward Hutchison

Water colours of soils and their microorganisms by Edward Hutchison.
Art exhibition questioning the ecological crisis

Earth Eaters

An art exhibition featuring several artists questioning the 21st century ecological crisis.
Hannah Imlach photos and sculptures on soils and peatlands

Photos and sculptures by Hannah Imlach

Photos and sculptures by Hannah Imlach responding to particular ecologies.
Art exhibitions of the earth's surface

Decrustate by Anneli Ketterer and Alex Dzierzon

Art exhibitions by Anneli Ketterer and Alex Dzierzon of the earth's surface.
Artwork using raw materials

Artwork by Natasha Clutterbuck

Artwork by Natasha Clutterbuck using raw materials.
The Tate exhibition of London soils by Abraham Cruzvillegas

Empty lots' by Abraham Cruzvillegas

Abraham Cruzvillegas exhibition of London soils.
How to paint  with soil

How to paint with soil guide

A how to paint with soil guide by the USDA.
Painting of a soil landscapes

'Creation of the Planet' by Marcos Grigorian

A painting of a desolate landscape by Marcos Grigorian.
Earthy landscapes with latex

Red Flocked Wall by Keith Sonnier

A series of earthy landscapes by Keith Sonnier.
Ants and soil video

Quarta-Feira de Cinzas / Epilogue by Rivane Neuenschwander and Cao Guimar√£es

A short video of ants and soil.

For the Love of Soil

An independent soil science education, communication and art organisation.

Regenerate by Henry Driver

A 3D illuminated sculpture with imagery of regenerative agriculture.