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Training courses

BASIS qualification

Foundation in soils

Module for farmers, growers and advisors in soils.
BASIS qualification

Advanced quality of soils

Module for farmers, growers and advisors in soil ecosystems.
BASIS qualification

Soil and water management

Certificate for farm advisors in soil and water.
British Society of Soil Science

Working with soil training programme

Training in soil profiles, and soil and land classification.
Soil management and management practice

Soil management (agriculture)

Distance learning in soils management for agriculture
Free online course about soil and soil life

Soils: Introducing the World Beneath Our Feet

Learn about soil through presentations and activities.
Virtual fieldtrip for undergraduates and adults

Sorting out soils

Join a virtual fieldtrip to the River Teign.
Free online course about sustainable soils management

Sustainable Soil Management: Soil for life

Learn about sustainable soils management.
Global soil moisture dataset

Global soil moisture dataset

Learn how to analyse global soil moisture dataset.
eLearning in sustainable soils

Climate smart soil and land management

Learn about sustainable soils and land management.
eLearning in greenhouse gas emissions

Soil related greenhouse gas emissions

Learn about soil related greenhouse gas emissions.
Training to identify earthworms

Earthworm identification

Learn how to identify earthworms.