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Sustainable, healthy, and resilient: Practice-based approaches to land and soil management

A policy report that addresses key issues around food security, emissions from farming, and the future of agriculture..
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The state of the environment: soil (2019)

A report that aims to widen understanding about the state of soils.
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A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment (2018)

The UK government's 25 Year Environment Plan for England.

Soils and Stones: Sustaining Our Future By Influencing Change in the UK & Beyond

A report from SocEnv aimed at highlighting good practice for professionals working with soil and stones.

Parliamentary Soil Health Inquiry report (2016)

The 2016 Parliamentary Inquiry Report into Soil Health by the Environmental Audit Committee.

Parliamentary Soil Health Inquiry submitted evidence (2016)

A collation of the submitted evidence to the 2016 Parliamentary Inquiry into Soil Health.

Environment Agency report into soil quality indicators for environmental interactions (2006)

Review by government departments, public agencies and technical experts to map out the functions of soil and appropriate indicators of these.

Environment Agency report on the development of a national soil monitoring network (2008)

A multi partner report in 2008 co-authored by all the main soil monitoring organisations in the UK to consider costed options for a new soil monitoring network.

European Mission for Soil Health and Food (2020)

The final recommendation from the EU mission board to the European Commision as to how to create a mission for soil health and food which is relevant and will make a real difference.

Review of soil monitoring networks (2006)

A catalogue of 29 past and current soil health monitoring schemes in the UK (2006).
A report on the state of knowledge on soil biodiversity, its threats and its importance.

State of knowledge of soil biodiversity

A report on the state of knowledge on soil biodiversity, its threats and its importance.
A report  on the UK's sugar beet industry

Too Much of a Bad Thing

A report on the UK's sugar beet industry and its harmful impact on human and soil health.
The community hub for all things soil

uksoils is a consortium of scientific, campaigning and awareness raising organisations, all with a specialist knowledge of soil health, founded by UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Sustainable Soils Alliance, Earthwatch and University of Sheffield.