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10 soil facts

Learn the Soil Association's 10 favourite facts about soil and start sharing the reasons why soil is so amazing

The BSSS Soil Safari pack

The British Society of Soil Science teachers' pack to teach primary school students about soil.

Soil 4 Teachers

Lessons and activities about soil and soil-related topics for a range of ages.

LEAFed Rocks and Soil

An e-book on soil properties and the importance of soil.

BBSRC Science on the Farm poster: SOIL

An introduction to soil and on-farm activities to assess soil quality and type.

BBSRC Science on the Farm poster: SOIL (welsh version)

A poster showcasing the importance of soil health and how it can be improved on farms.

Soil Testing and Decontamination

Resources to teach students about soil testing and decontamination.

Introduction to Soils Presentation & Teaching Notes

Presentation slides on soil biology and the importance of our soils with accompanying teaching notes .
The community hub for all things soil

uksoils is a consortium of scientific, campaigning and awareness raising organisations, all with a specialist knowledge of soil health, founded by UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Sustainable Soils Alliance, Earthwatch and University of Sheffield.