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Apps and tools

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UKCEH Soil health benchmarks for soils in all landscape types

Scientific paper describing the UKCEH-developed soil health benchmarks for soils in all landscape types (see also SOil funDamentals (SOD) tool).
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SOil funDamentals (SOD) tool

This UKCEH Countryside Survey Soil Health Tool is a free to use web tool to help all landowners in Great Britain to monitor and improve the health of their soil.
A resource for the garden and landscape design community, focusing on creative and sustainable ideas and practices

The Hub

The guide to creative and sustainable garden and landscape design.
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Using JHI apps at Tayport Community Garden

A community gardener shares his experiences of using a range of soil apps by the James Hutton Institute. Focuses on Scotland.
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The slake test

A soil quality test method. The slake test (wet aggregate stability) scores how well your soil structure holds together in water.
Soilmentor is an in-depth soil health monitoring tool aimed at farmers


A comprehensive tool for monitoring the health of your soil, aimed primarily at farmers but useful for anyone with an interest in soils.
AHBD scorecard is for farmers to monitor soil health

Soil Health Scorecard 

A really useful tool for farmers wanting to learn more about the structure, biodiversity and nutrient profile of their soils.
Microresp is a paid for kit that measures soil carbon and microbiological activity


A useful paid for kit that allows you to measure carbon and microbiological activity in your soil.
SOCiT app for farmers provides information on organic matter content of soil

SOCiT (Soil Organic Carbon Information)

A free app that provides farmers with a quick, cost-effective source of information about the organic matter content of their soil.
SIFSS mapping platform shows soil properties across Scotland

SIFSS (Soil Information for Scottish Soils)

A free mapping platform, that lets you explore soil properties across Scotland.
LANDMARK decision support system for farmers to assess and optimize soil function

Soil Navigator DSS (LANDMARK project) 

An agricultural decision support system for farmers and farm advisors to assess and optimize soil functions.


A free app that lets you input your location (or a different one!) to get local information on soil health and soil properties anywhere in the world.
MoDIRT citizen science project assesses soil health indicators

MO Dirt Soil Health Survey 

A citizen science project that assesses soil health indicators over time among different land uses.
Soil Quality Test Kit guide for on-farm soil monitoring tests

Soil Quality Test Kit 

A free guide that describes procedures for 12 on-farm tests, an interpretive section for each test, data recording sheets, and a section on how to build your own kit.
Citizens Soil Sampling Toolkit for cheminal analysis for environmental toxins

Citizens Soil Sampling Toolkit 

A paid for tool for those who want to know what levels of chemicals are in bare soils in their garden or in public areas, due to environmental toxins.
Soil Health Evaluation Manual, free guide for quantitative monitoring with low-cost equipment

Soil Health Evaluation Manual

Free guidance for assessing soil health using low-cost equipment to provide quantitative data that are comparable to laboratory methods.
Soil health card for farmers assesses soil health

Soil Health Card 

Developed for farmers, the soil health card assesses the current status of soil health and can determine changes in soil health that are affected by land management.
TBI app measures soil biological activity by burying teabags

The Tea Bag Index

A free hands-on family activity for measuring soil biological activity by burying teabags.
Bait lamina strips measure soil biological activity through burying in the ground

Bait Lamina Strips 

A hands on activity that measures soil biological activity (invertebrates and microbes) through burying "baited" sticks in the ground.
Wisconsin soil health scorecard free field tool for farmer assessment

Wisconsin Soil Health Scorecard

A free field tool to assess and improve soil health based on field experience and a working knowledge of a soil, aimed at farmers.
Yara farmers toolbox service for farmers to monitor soil health

Yara Farmers Toolbox

A collection of tools and services for farmers to optimise fertiliser and nutrient use, maximise crop yield and quality and protect the environment.
Solivata soil respiration field test kit for soil health

Solvita Soil respiration test

A paid for field test kit that enables the user to test soil respiration (carbon) alongside other soil properites including nutrients, biodiversity and structure.
mySoil mapping app for local information on soil health


A free mapping platform, that lets you input your location (or a different one!) to get local information on soil health and soil properties.
Saltmarsh app to view and submit data on soil type in UK

The Saltmarsh App

A free to use app that lets the user both view and submit data on vegetation cover and soil type in UK saltmarshes.