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Stockholm Environment Institute
Department of Environment & Geography
University of York

Living Laboratory, Lighthouse & Soil Assessment Network

Land use(s)

  • Upland
  • Blanket bog grouse moor managed (burning vs cutting or unmanaged). Plot-/catchment-scale assessments on ecosystem services and soil functioning.

Successes / outcomes

  • Policy debates (Natural England/Defra; Westminster) on blanket bog management, burning vs alternatives (e.g. cutting).
  • Positive and negative impacts on various ecosystem services (carbon storage, climate regulation, biodiversity and water quality).

Methods / issues being explored

  • Whole system approach
  • Solutions to reduce erosion and land degradation
  • Rewetting of peatlands
  • Increased diversity of sward / crops
  • Soil tillage and management

Data being collected on

  • Soil health
  • Biodiversity
  • Water runoff / flooding
  • Water quality
  • Carbon storage
  • Carbon/peat accumulation
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Carbon budgets
  • Greenhouse gas budgets

Methods of data collection

  • Visual assessments
  • Field surveys
  • Sensors
  • University/research department laboratories

Types of organisation involved

  • Farmers
  • Academics
  • Advisory Services
  • Upland user groups
  • Water industry
  • Policymakers


  • Advisory Group meetings
  • Conferences; workshops
  • Practitioner/land user group document input
  • Evidence reviews
  • Site visits
  • Website
  • One-to-one contact
  • Events/festivals
  • Social media

Networks this organisation / initiative is involved in

  • BES Peatland Group


Andreas Heinemeyer
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Other organisations involved:

  • Yorkshire Water
  • United Utilities
  • Natural England
  • Yorkshire Peat Partnership
  • Moorland Association
  • British Association for Shooting and Conservation Heather Trust
  • Mossdale Estate
  • Middlesmoor Estate
  • Whitendale farm

Land use type:

  • Upland