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Daylesford Organic

Living Laboratory & Lighthouse

Land use(s)

  • Lowland
  • Food production and mixed organic farming with dairy, horticulture, agroforestry, beef, sheep and arable
  • Farmshop

Successes / outcomes

  • 180k out of the 280k views on Agricology's YouTube have been derived from filming at Daylesford
  • The success of the Daylesford Foundation's Agricology project was quoted in a speech by a peer in the House of Lords Ag Bill debate

Methods / issues being explored

  • Increased diversity of sward / crops
  • Crop rotation
  • Solutions to reduce erosion and land degradation
  • Soil tillage and management
  • Reduced use of / alternatives to inorganic fertilisers
  • Modification of organic matter inputs
  • Reduced use of control chemicals
  • Woodland and woody feature creation
  • Introduction / management of water bodies
  • Re-use of water / wastes
  • Whole system approach

Data being collected on

  • Yield
  • Biodiversity
  • No data collected

Methods of data collection

  • Visual assessments
  • Field surveys

Types of organisation involved

  • Farmers
  • Food specialists
  • Agri- or forestry industries


  • Open days
  • Events/festivals
  • Social media

Networks this organisation / initiative is involved in

  • Agricology

Other organisations involved:

  • Agricology and associated partners

Land use type:

  • Lowland