EU call for evidence: What works for soil?

As many may know the EU is developing a ‘mission’ for Soil Health and Food to accelerate progress improving soil health. The proposed mission has some ambitious targets for 2030 which were published in September 2020 here.

A detailed mission implementation plan is now being developed. This includes “testing” the proposed mission objectives and targets for their achievability. As you can imagine this is key for a potential uptake of the mission in Member States.

To this end, a group of Mission Board members is gathering evidence  on management practices that “work”  for soil health and for which there is robust information on the scale of improvement in relation to the eight indicators proposed in the mission report.

We would be very grateful if you could contribute to this exercise by completing one or more of the tables below by 5 March 2021. Each of the tables refers to a specific land use. In the attached docs you will find more explanations on the type of information requested.

Many thanks for your help.

Download Microsoft Word excersice documents

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